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Podcast Notes

Latest Recording

Psalm 16 Worshipping in Contentment
Worshipping God in All of Life 
Sunday July 17th 2022
Stuart Phillips 

Previous Recordings
Series Be Fruitful
Fruit from Transformation  22/5/22 

Fruit from Failure 8/5/22 

The Coming of the King 10/4/22

Hated by the World 20/3/22

Love One Another 13/3/22

How Can I Remain in His Love 27/2/22

Abiding in Christ 20/2/22

How Can I Live a Fruitful Life 13/2/22

Current Series:
Psalm 51 Worshipping in Failure 10/7/22

Psalm 122 Worshipping Together 3/7/22

Psalm 143 Worshipping Under Pressure  26/6/22

Psalm 34 In All of Life 19/6/22

Psalm 145 The God of All 12/6/22        

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