Connect Groups

‘CONNECT’ is our small group network, and a vital part of life and ministry at St Johns. The aim of the groups is to help us make connections with God, and with one another in the realities of everyday life.  They help to build strong relationships with God and with each other, and bring a sense of belonging to those attending, and help foster healthy community life within the church.


Our Connect groups do this in 3 ways:

  • Connecting by studying the Bible together

  • Connecting by praying together

  • Connecting by supporting each other

We have around 12 groups who meet at different times in the week, and different times of the day, either in someone’s home, or in the Church centre. Most groups meet weekly during term time. Each group has an average of 10 people, and is led by a member of St Johns, and is open to anyone who wants to commit to making these connections in their lives.

If you would like to explore being part of a Connect group, please contact Stuart Phillips.

TOOLBOX  is our termly mid week gathering when we connect together around ‘Vision’ and ‘Equipping’. This takes place around 3 times a year when we think about our vision expressed in our purpose statement, and provide teaching and training to help equip us to fulfil it across the ministries and outreach of the church.



Approximately once a month, our small Connect groups do not meet but instead come together with other members of the St Johns community for a mid week event on a Wednesday evening.

Worship Central is our monthly mid week gathering when we connect together as a church around ‘Worship’ and ‘Word’. This event includes worship through song and prayer, Bible teaching, and a time to connect with each other over tea, coffee and home made cake.